Welcome to StarPhP

StarPhP is a freeware editor for PHP and HTML. This editor is specially designed to be a lightweight and easy to use application. It contains features for both professional programmers and beginners.


Tabbed multi-document interface
Code folding
Code highlighting
File/FTP explorer
Internal browser for preview (Currently using IE only)
Favorites folders (Local and Remote)
Syntax Validation
Brackets highlighting (PHP blocks and HTML tags)
Automatic code completion (PHP functions and HTML tags)
Shows function signatures while calling functions
ANSI/UTF8 document encoding support
Windows/Unix/Mac file formats support


Windows 2000 and above
MS Internet Explorer 5.x or above
Recommended: PHP Software (StarPhP works fine without PHP, but you can not validate or preview documents without PHP software)

"I use PHP for my website and for other projects. Star PHP has help decrease the time it has taken with its usability, and auto complete feature. The debug feature really saved on bandwidth, and time. I strongly suggest this to anyone who develops with PHP" - David Cards